> Artworks 2010s (Early)

DRH 2010
The 'Big Issue' Lady
Mull 2010
Morgan's Arcade
Dynamic Flow 6
Dynamic Flow 4
Dynamic Flow 5
ACEO: Highlanders Series 2 no 5
ACEO: Highlanders Series 2 no 4
ACEO: Highlanders Series2 no 3
ACEO: Highlanders Series2 no 1
ACEO: Highlanders Series2 no 2
Dynamic Flow 3
Dynamic Flow II
Dynamic Flow I
ACEO: Three Cliffs Bay
Deep Space 2: 'Fireworks'
St Mary's Church (Swansea) Interior
Nebula 1b
Morgan's Hotel
A Couple Dancing
Blaenafon Industrial Heritage
Spiral 21
Spiral 20
Spiral 23
Spiral 19 'Torchwood'
Spiral 22
Swiss Valley, near Llanelli
Deep Space 1: Crab Nebula
The Nymph Of Loch Awe
15min nude conte crayons
Colour Nude
River Delta (from space)
Nude - Lying Down
The Kiss by Rodin
Needless Alarm by Frederick Leighton
The Bather
The Bather
The Sluggard
Jeptha's Daughter
The Sluggard
Jeptha's Daughter
Mercury and Psyche
The Dying Slave
Female Nude Sitting